Tom Matt
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Welcome :: to the website of artist, Tom Matt. As a new resident of Kansas City MO, Tom continues to expand the body of his work in pastel, oil paint and graphite. Much of his inspiration has its roots in New York City where he lived for 15 years. His vision grew from his fascination with what was all around him along city streets and avenues, and through the diversity of people with whom he crossed paths. Experience his creative vision as you browse through the three main gallery links above:

Series :: NY :: Taking the paper-of-the-day as his canvas, the artist finds city scenes that captivate and spark his creativity. With pastel as his medium of choice, he draws these views 'on-site' on top of the front of New York newspapers. The merging of city-news and city-views forms a unique portrait and synthesis of a layered metropolitan landscape. The series is available as commissioned artwork, originals, and limited edition prints.*

Series :: KCMO :: The artist begins his newspaper series on the Kansas City Star. He takes in the unique qualities of this new city and translates his experience through his art.

Series :: Paris :: During the month of August 2006, the artist travelled to expand his creative vision and visited his first major city outside of the United States: Paris, France. Drawn ontop of its newspapers, his artwork captures the essence, energy and flavor of Parisian streets, waterways and landmarks.

Oil Paintings :: Working on-site, the artist creates cityscape paintings on tempered masonite and canvas. He enjoys both the stroke of the brush, as well as the chiseled quality and texture of the palette knife. These works are available as commissioned and original artwork.

Projects :: Original art and commissioned work of city-views created on toned archival paper are available and may be requested. Portraits, which Tom Matt draws 'live' in his studio, are also included. Clients are free to inquire if interested.

Portraits :: Portrait commissions are available from the artist, created 'from life' on archival paper or newspaper in the medium of charcoal pencils or pastel. Please inquire for sizes and pricing.

Artist Blog :: See the artist's quick sketches in oil and pages from his sketch books. These are not 'finished' pieces but instead part of the forum where Tom finds expression and inspiration for new work.